Rock It Can - Hydro Edition
Rock It Can - Hydro Edition
Rock It Can - Hydro Edition
Rock It Can - Hydro Edition
Rock It Can - Hydro Edition
Rock It Can - Hydro Edition
The Hydro can mounted on the back of an overlanding vehicle for easy storage and transpoting.
Person carrying the Hydro Can at a campsite
Hydro can strapped to the top of a roof rack for storage while camping and exploring.

Rock It Can - Hydro Edition

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RockitCan - HYDRO - The Hard Working, Get it done, do it all, no-nonsense partner riding shotgun. That's the RockitCan - Hydro, a 5 Gallon Liquid Transport System handy for cleaning, hydration, and putting out the occasional fire (intentional or not). If you have precious liquids that are vital to your adventure, the RockitCan - HYDRO is your go-to can for easy carrying, storage, and protection. 


  • RockitCan: HYDRO Cannister
  • Vent plug with vent cap
  • Locking Cam Connector with dust cap
  • Paracord clip for holding dust cap


  1. Vent system engineered to perform. The vent design keeps air above the liquid line which is key to fast, glug-free drainage of 5 Gallons of liquid in 45 seconds.
  2. Fast drain port. The funneled design makes sure RockitCan is completely emptied.
  3. Stack'em Tall, They won't fall. Equipped with a tongue and groove design that locks cans together.
  4. Easy to Transport. Big, sturdy, easy-to-grab handles.
  5. Volume Indicators. Vertical and Horizontal positions.
  6. Fits most standard Jerry Can mounts. Minimal retrofitting may be required.


Height: 21.25"
Width: 13.5"
Depth: 6.5"
Capacity: 4.75 Gallons / 18 Liters

Made from high-density HDPE (FDA-approved food grade)

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