The RockitCan is the result of a group of folks hell bent on not wasting time, energy, and sweet, sweet daylight on all the necessary evils that come with doing what we love. You see, all of us at RockitCan HQ are goers and doers. From weekends on the lake or exploring fire roads to getting the job done in the Texas heat, we love to spend whatever waking (and many sleeping) hours we can outside and in the elements. So if there’s one thing we’ve learned over our many adventures it’s that having what you need, easily accessible, where and when you need it is both a skill and practice worth sharpening.

As it’s often said around here, “if you can be one thing, be efficient.”

And though for years we had all been carrying our liquid cargo with Jerry Cans, we realized we were being anything but. Often we’d misplace a funnel or get frustrated with safety nozzles causing us to waste precious time, or worse, precious liquid. Even when we had all the tools we needed for success we’d get sick of hoisting, holding, and directing 40ish pounds of cargo from one vessel to another for long stints of time. We kept thinking there had to be a better way, but there wasn’t.

That’s when we decided to make one.

After years of head-scratching, napkin drawing, and prototyping, the RockitCan finally took shape making it possible to store transport and distribute all our liquid cargo more safely, effectively, and, yes, efficiently than ever before. That means we, and now you, can spend less time struggling and more time exploring.