Boost Nozzle
Boost Nozzle

Boost Nozzle

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The Fill-Rite Boost Nozzle is your solution for a faster fill up just like at that gas station. The Boost Nozzle uses a 100% aluminum, standard 3/4 inch flow control nozzle from FillRite along with a 3/4 inch nitrile hose.  The entire assembly drains RockitCans fast and efficiently reducing the need to lift and aim. Put gravity to work with the Boost Nozzle.  Its easy to use and the fastest way to empty a full RockitCan.  The combination of aluminum and nitrile makes this accessory extremely lightweight and resistant to many chemicals. 

The Nitrile hose is 5 ft giving you a nice working reach.  Quickly empty any contents in the hose by elevating above the can and pulling the trigger, allowing the liquid to re-enter the RockitCan.  

*RockitCan sold separately.

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